Ever since I found myself reintroduced into the rave scene by a trip to Deep and a subsquetiant meeting of Lara at a rave act protest party in the westlake center, I've wanted to relive the raves of my youth..
I went to many a free party held out in the deserts of SoCal.. following cones and poorly written directions to events with ghetto sound systems and dancing people. At those events, there was always epic or anthem or progressive trance, and so I developed a real attachment to the music. More recently, I went to one of the Full Moon Parties in Thailand, and there were many fine trance tracks being spun there as well. So I've been jonesing for the parties of my youth, with positive and happy music and vibe out the ying-yang and peace, love, unity, and respect being treated seriously rather than sarcastically.
Okay, so it's probably true that you can't go back. But you can try and start something new.. and that's what I'm trying to do here. My band, Mischief Committee has a CD - well, not a full length, but 5 tracks anyway - that we've been working on, and I've been wanting to try and sell a CD with my music on it for, well, basically most of my adult life. And I've wanted a fluffy trance party for a couple of years. So at some point it dawned on me.. that maybe the party I was waiting for, was my own. And so, armed with Mischef Committee's sound system, and with a little (well, honestly, a LOT) of help from my friends, I'm throwing my fluffy trance party. I'd like to encourage you to come and to bring as many positive vibes as you can.